G’s Birthday Shopping List

In just a few more weeks, G will be celebrating his first birthday!

Since a few friends and relatives have asked what G might “want” or “need” for his birthday, I thought I’d put a little list together. So far, we’ve kept G’s toys to a minimum– one small bin for toys, one small basket for books. The small basket is books is deceiving, however, because we have TONS more where that came from. I just stored all but the hard pages/baby proof ones.

Anyways, here goes!

A cute table and chairs that I actually would want in the living room…I think bright colored plastic furniture is so tacky!…anyways, it would be something for him to eat snacks on, do art on, etc. as the months/years go by. One of the cheapest I’ve found too, at Walmart, no less!

An adorable rug for a play room.

I can’t wait to let him play with a cube like this one:

Definitely got lots of recommendations for this dump truck, made out of recycled bottles.

Then, there’s this awesome Trike!

Also, I’ve been trying to find G some wooden blocks to build with. Not sure what brand, (maybe this one?) just don’t want them to be coated with toxic varnish or finish (I say, as he’s chewing on one of my flip flops…nice).

On Craigslist (since they’re too expensive brand new!) I’ve been looking for a play structure to put in the yard.

Also, as far as clothes go, he’s got enough, but if you wanted to get some, he’s currently in 9-12 month clothes (mostly). I’m putting him in some 12 month sleepers, since he is so LONG, but if it weren’t for that, he’d be swimming in that size (most of his onesies are still 6 month size).

That’s it!


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