A great big thank you to those of you who left comments on my Medical post, encouraging me to also apply for WIC. After a painless 90 minute appt. and a few pieces of paperwork, I just received my first round of checks. I get over $125/month for G’s formula, plus enough $ to cover all of our organic fruits, veggies, cheese and milk! Not to mention a few other things.

Also, they provide me with a free lactation consultant both before and after SnowCone’s birth, which is great because I definitely want to breastfeed longer than 11 months with #2. Once my Medical is up (although they said I should reapply after the birth– I would probably get it as a nursing mother), all of my OBGYN appts. and birth control will be free at my midwife. I guess it’s some government effort to keep poor people from having babies? 😉

All in all, a huge praise. I just got back from Vons with $75 of free formula, name brand and everything. Add that on to what I’m saving with Medical, and we’re saving $800/month!

In other news, they weighed G today. A whopping 18 pounds, with his clothes and diaper on, 27.5″ long 🙂 That puts him in the 10th percentile. Hey, I’ll take it!


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