Evening at the Beach

In honor of Keith’s last day before being stationed in Hawaii (I know, tough life!), we went to the beach as a family. G was a little frustrated when he found he couldn’t walk on the sand, but that was until he actually discovered the sand. After that, he didn’t want to walk anymore…just wanted to let the sand run through his fingers, feel it squish between his toes, etc.

It was a beautiful evening– about 65 degrees with a little bit of sunshine. We played frisbee and our fav new game, Bocce Ball, along with splashing in the waves. Once we were done, we finished off the evening at Marie Calender’s for dinner.

I believe that we are about to head outside and spend some time sitting around our bonfire in the backyard. Ahhh…

Hanging with Aunt Janelle

Discovering sand!

Oh my! So much sand!

Luv this lil face!

About to go in the waves

His apprehensive face

Stomping his feet over and over again in the mud, squishing!

Don't you just love sunsets on the beach?


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