That time again!

I mentioned before that Jesse and I still have some loose ends to tie up before our Master’s Degrees are complete.  Both of us need to take our respective comprehensive exams, which involve 4 essay questions to be written over 8 hours (split up into two days). Actually, come to think of it, that’s the English exam, which is said to be much easier than the Philosophy one. RIP, hubbie.

Once the saints intervene and we pass those, we need to write our huge Thesis documents. The English degree has an option for a different type of MA, one that involves two extra classes instead of the Thesis. But my professors encouraged me that MA with Thesis commands a LOT more respect amongst the academic community. And because I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of doing a PhD on Shakespeare someday (sigh….I can dream, right?), Thesis it was.

However, this Thesis option has an added bonus. By bonus, I mean an added bullet in the proverbial gun that goes off when someone has had waaayyyy too much stress.

Too many metaphors. Also, long day. With way too much broccoli in it. Does broccoli make anyone else’s tummy hurt?

Anyways. My added bonus. I have to take a Latin comp test as well.

Great, except I haven’t taken Latin since Summer 2008!

I just received my preparation assignment for this comp test. Translate 500 lines of Virgil’s Aeneid. Become familiar with it. Then, translate it with a proctor, from memory, without any notes.

Awesome. Where’s that proverbial gun again? Can I get a proverbial shark with that? And perhaps a baseball bat?

Oh well, off to brush up on my Subjunctive voice! Wish me luck! Send me coffee!


One thought on “That time again!

  1. kelly…um…when you’ve had a long day, i don’t always understand your blogs 🙂 but i think you’re saying that you have a lot of work ahead of you over the next few months

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