11 Month Letter

Dear Lil G,

This was a big month for you! Not only are you now walking (just a step here and there!), but you also say 4 words: “Hi”, “Done”, “Dadda”, and “Doggie”. You say a version of “Mama”, but it kinda goes on for a while, like, “Mamamamamamama” and transitions to “Nanananananana”, showing that it’s more of an expression, less of a name for me 😦 That’s okay, I can wait. But not too much longer, k?

Your other tricks:

* Whenever you’re excited, you raise both arms high in the air and squeal with glee!

* You clap whenever someone says, “Yay!”

* You wave hi and bye on command.

* You kick a ball.

* When we ask where the doggie is, you give a high whine/bark, right on cue!

* You eat whole pears, all by yourself!

A quick in-action shot of you walking!

More walking!

Also, as far as big news goes, you just found out you’re going to be a big brother! In just 7 more months, we will be training your new playmate/best friend.

Unfortunately, you’ve also had to learn to “share”. Ever since mommy got pregnant, there hasn’t been much milk for you to drink. We transitioned you onto formula two weeks ago, and it’s been going well. Mommy always snuggles with you as you drink your bottle, just because she misses those nursing times with you 🙂

You are gaining weight like a champ! This is probably due to the fact that you eat more than some adults. You frequently eat an entire banana, half an avocado and 2 pieces of bread, just as a snack! You eat anything off of our plates– from “Joe’s Mess” (eggs, taco chips, salsa), to marinara ziti pasta, to rice and beans at a Mexican restaurant. You’ve also begun drinking juice (only organic, 100% juice with no sugar, watered down considerably…). Anyways, you are growing fast. Even though your arms are still skinny, you have much chunkier legs and the BIGGEST Buddha Belly! Most of your clothes are now in the 6-9, 9-12 month range.

Eating cheerios

You’ve given Mommy and Grandma quite a few scares this last month. The first was when you stuffed 3-4 huge pieces of banana in your mouth, all at once. Grandma had to quickly pull you out of the highchair and do the baby-Heimlich! Another was when Mommy went away for just seconds and came back to find you, the little Houdini, standing up, turned around in your high chair! The last was when you went out of Mommy’s sight around the corner from the table and started playing with a cord plugged into the wall (all the open outlets are blocked up, but this one had the tv cord in it). A few seconds later, Mommy heard your scared cry, and knew exactly what had happened– you had shocked yourself by touching one of the prongs, while it was still plugged in! Silly boy! Silly Mommy!

Your favorite toys: books of all sorts, all the dishes in Grandma’s cupboards (you have a set exploration routine, destroying each cabinet in the same order each time!), your push-walker, anything that you like to use as a walker (ie. a dining room chair!), your Dodgers baseball bat (which you hit Daddy with as he’s changing you into your pjs!), leaves in the yard, cups that you can stack.

With Grandpa at the park

You’re developing quite the little relationship with all of your grandparents. Grandpa Cone makes you stare in amazement at his funny faces and expressions. Grandma Cone sings with you every week when she comes to babysit (you totally sing along, every time!). Grandpa Honeycutt takes you on “nature hikes” in the evening. Grandma Honeycutt takes you on walks around the neighborhood in your stroller and often feeds you your lunch. You also are becoming quite familiar with all 4 of your aunts who live nearby!

Mommy just can’t get over how cute you are. You have HUGE blue eyes that everyone comments on. Your blondish/red hair has turned into curls in the back and around your ears. You still have super long and dexterous fingers. Your cheeks are definitely getting pudgier, and you still have your cute little dimple.

Bath time!

Your sleeping schedule has not changed a bit– still two 2-hour naps a day (one at 9am, one at 1pm), still asleep by 7:30pm, sleeping all the way until at least 7am. Some days, you go without one of your naps, but we can tell that you needed it because you get cranky!

This is your sweet lil tired face...:)

But you just have the cutest, most compliant way about falling asleep. We lay you down, sometimes without even your pacifier. You grab your blankie, pull it to your cheek for comfort, and roll over on your side. Done and asleep within minutes! You rarely ever wake up in the middle of the night. When we do come in to get you in the morning, you are standing at attention, shaking the crib rail as if you’re trying to break it down! We also occasionally find your pacifier thrown across the room.

No matter how many years pass, no matter how many brother and sisters you get, you will always be Mommy and Daddy’s first “BabyLove”– our first little miracle.

We love you so!!

Love, Mommy


One thought on “11 Month Letter

  1. oh, kel…very special. i especially love the last picture! i miss that baby. also…you never told me about the high chair incident!!! yikes…scary!

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