Just a few days shy of his 11 month birthday, G decided to finally walk! We knew he could do it, seeing as he can walk around the house, one hand in someone else’s, but the confidence just didn’t seem to be there. It’s something I’ve definitely noticed about him– he needs lots of affirmation, and definitely likes to do things perfect the first time or not at all (I don’t know where he got this from!).

Today, after I got home from teaching, I stood G up and decided to let go. Normally when I do this, he clings frantically to my shirt or my hand. If I can pull myself free, he sits down immediately.

But today? He just stood there. Looked at me. Looked at his feet. Looked back at me. Giggled. Looked at his feet.

He went on like this for about 15 seconds, just standing there looking. Finally, he grabbed my shirt.

I stood him up again. He did the same thing. Only, I moved a little further away this time.

He saw the distance between us and knew he had to do something. I could see him starting to wiggle his legs a bit.

And then, it happened! A shuffle step! We both got so excited at the same time that he fell over. He was very very happy with himself, giggling and making all sorts of babbling gurgling sounds.

Later on in the afternoon, he did it twice again, even taking two steps one of the times! When he wasn’t walking, he just stood there, clapping his hands with glee (I told you he needs lots of affirmation, even if it comes from him!).

I’m so proud of my baby 🙂 He’s been wanting to walk for a long time, ever since he started pulling up and walking around on furniture at 6 months. I hope he enjoys his new freedom!


3 thoughts on “Walking!

  1. What a fun milestone!

    And have you read The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman? How you were describing G’s desire to accomplish everything perfectly the very first time – it’s such a first-born trait. It’s an interesting read because it applies to everyone you know – your parents, siblings, friends, kids, Jesse… anyway if you’re looking for a read, I recommend it 🙂

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