The Pear

This morning, as I was collecting my breakfast snack for our drive to church, I needed both hands. So I set Gregory down, expecting him to do his usual, “search and destroy” throughout the kitchen cupboards.

A few minutes later, I heard the rustling of a bag. I looked over and saw that it was the bag of fruit that my mom had harvested from a few days ago.

When I came back just seconds later, I saw this:

The little thief not only stole a pear, but he was already a fourth of the way done with it! His (only) two little teeth, biting away…

He was already messy from the juice. Disheartening, as a parent, because he had on such a cute little outfit! But when Jesse tried to take it away from him, he was super angry, almost possessive even! We think it’s because he “found” it.

So, we took out the stem, washed it, and let him have at it the whole way to church. When we arrived 20 minutes later, we saw the devastation– chunks of pear mushed into his collar and overalls, juice all over his carseat…but the pear was gone. And he was stoked!

Yes, folks, that’s independence at its finest.

Here are a few more pictures of my boy, since he is so crazy cute.


One thought on “The Pear

  1. LOVE the shoes…i’ve also found that a whole piece of fruit is a great way to get through a grocery shopping trip. for some reason topher will spend an hour chewing through a whole apple but will fuss and push away apple slices. i think there’s something about having to work for it. who knows…but whatever it is it works!

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