My Sweet Boy

“You will love having a boy. Boys will always love and take care of their Mommas.”– something someone told me while I was pregnant with G.

One of the things that I have loved about G’s maturing personality is the way he is becoming so super sweet. Every morning, after he nurses, he cuddles for a good while. By “cuddle”, I do mean intentionally snuggles up, giving little hugs and kisses. You always know he’s intending love when he does this little humming/sighing, “mmmmmm”, over and over.

He also does this at random times throughout the day. Sometimes, all I have to do is smile in his direction. He high-tails it over to wherever I am and does his “mmm” snuggle routine. I love it so much. Hopefully, he doesn’t realize the tremendous power this has over me. And if he ever learns to do it while saying any semblance of, “I love you!”….we’re in trouble….

Other things I love about him lately: he has learned to kick a ball! He still has to hold onto something with at least one hand (the kid CAN walk on his own, but he doesn’t want to!), but he takes his right foot and kicks at a ball on the ground. It almost looks like he’s dancing! Also, we frequently play “catch” back and forth on the floor. He has figured out the throw/release side of things. Where it goes, however? Not quite so much πŸ™‚

He pushes his little walker around the house like a mad man. He’s even figured out how to get himself out of corners– stops, yanks the walker backwards out of the corner whilst holding onto a nearby wall for support, then continues.

The unfortunate part of having a small dog as a pet is that whenever we say, “doggie?” or “claire bear?” or “What does the doggie say?” he responds with a high, yipping sound. Seriously, he can imitate Claire’s little whine/bark to a “t”. He only does it when he sees her or we’re talking about her. I’ve tried to say, “Noooo, doggies say, RUFF RUFF!”, but to no avail. He continues to say hi, and my mom swears he said, “All done” after eating the other day. Could be, we say it to him every time he’s finished YET ANOTHER plate of food. For dinner tonight, he had an entire hardboiled egg, two cups of cheerios, two jars of babyfood, and a big cup of juice. I think we are feeding him every other hour at this current juncture!

Anyways, I love love LOVE my sweet baby boy. I love that he’s so caring and that he can’t wait to spend time with Jesse and I. Every evening, after he’s been in bed for a few hours, my mind starts to replay all the nice moments we had together throughout the day. Basically, I start to miss him….:) I love that I get to spend my days with such a neat kid!

Janelle gave him this lil "do" before heading off to school this morning...

One thought on “My Sweet Boy

  1. πŸ™‚ WOW so many milestones in one post. that’s crazy! i taught j what ‘snuggle’ means. now when i say, ‘jonathan, snuggle?’ he’ll get this cute smile on his face with his tongue sticking out just a little and lean his head into my chest for a little bit. we do this over and over b/c i just can’t get enough of it! πŸ™‚

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