Big Day

Today, after my ultrasound (yes, we’re having another baby! more on that later) my Mom, Dad and I went with Gregory to a park for a picnic lunch.

He was not so sure about the swings-- terrified, would be more like it. First thing we've found that he's afraid of! Maybe he's like his mommy and they make him sick?

All smiles again with Grandpa

After this, I went and kicked some booty at the DMV over our Passat’s title (long story….this is my THIRD trip to the DMV, and we’re not done yet!). Then, my mom and I went and got haircuts and icecream shakes. I’ve been needing a haircut for a while– short hair styles are cute, but they look AWFUL after 7 or so weeks (especially in the back! one of my pet peeves, seriously).  I haven’t had mine trimmed/cut since June, so it was time. I thought about growing it out, but even then I’d need my hair trimmed so that it would grow out evenly and not look terrible in the meantime. In the end, however, I went back to my staple style from 3 years ago– long in the front, shorter in back. Not too drastic. Not too much maintenance. I thought about getting the super short hairstyle I got a few months ago (lovvved it!) but if this pregnancy is anything like the last one, my hair is gonna grow SUPER FAST, which means I’d need to get it trimmed every 2-3 weeks! Yikes!

Also, I loved my hairstylist in Dallas, but I’ve gotta admit– $50 for highlights, cut and style? Yes, please, Atascadero!

And now…I’m off to NCCS’ first home football game. Jesse and I are running the scoreboard. My Dad agreed to stay home and put Gregory to bed for us so that we could have a fun night out!

Stay tuned for more details about Baby #2!


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