Saying Hi

Here’s the 20 second video!


3 thoughts on “Saying Hi

  1. 🙂 j just figured out how to clap (intentionally) yesterday and is starting to connect bye-bye (ba….ba) with leaving. still not good at on-command but little g is a good indicator of where he’ll be in just a few weeks. CRAZY! can’t believe it’s almost a year!

  2. HA! ooooohhh…yes! he’s turned into a menace, getting into *anything* topher is playing with and *every* cabinet he shouldn’t. 🙂 i know i need to update the blog. my mom has been after me for weeks. been trying to work up energy to write church school stuff, so haven’t really been doing much other writing. will try to get back to it soon. but yes, definitely making his presence felt now. 🙂

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