First Day

Today was my first day of English teaching since the 2008-09 school year. It felt great! I have loved preparing for this class, re-reading great works of literature, making lesson plans, etc. It helps scratch an itch deep within my soul. When I am teaching English, I feel complete (is that weird?).

My mother in law is the one who will be watching Gregory for the 2 hours on Mondays (although today she only watched him an hour, since the first day was a different schedule). I love that while I am off making money, Gregory is getting priceless bonding time with his grandparents. It makes me feel not as bad about leaving him for a short time.

When I got back, my mother in law said, “Don’t tell Gregory this, but he is so smart!” She proceeded to tell me that as they were playing on the grass today, he started sorting the leaves by color! Holy crap! He also follows commands now– claps when we say clap, waves hi and bye when we say the appropriate word, turns in his exersaucer when we say, “turn”.

I did notice, once again, that he was very clingy when I got back. Very cuddly and sweet. I made sure to spend as much time as I could with him, just so he knew Mommy cared!

Also, a huge plus– my class falls right before Jesse’s lunch break! Looks like we can have lunch together a few times every week! AND we live only 5 minutes from school, so by 3:15pm, he was home in the living room, playing with Gregory 🙂 Yes, I could get used to this!

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