Anniversary Trip

It’s no secret that our first 3 anniversaries were a little bit…less than ideal. Last year, we changed all that by going out to dinner in downtown Irving.

This year, since it was our fifth anniversary, we decided to do something special. 5 years is quite a milestone, I’m sure you’d agree!

Since we now have our families to help us out, we left Gregory overnight with my Dad (my Mom was at a Women’s Church Sleepover), and spent the night at a beach-side hotel in Cambria– Moonstone Beach to be specific. This beach has special significance for us, as it’s where we sorta fell in love, 8 years ago, during a youth group outing. Jesse was leading us all in worship, playing the guitar out on this rock:

So, Jesse found us a great deal at the Pelican Bay Inn, across the street from that very same section of beach.

Once we left Gregory with my Dad (along with detailed instructions), we drove the 45 minutes to Cambria. We checked into our hotel, then left to find dinner in the quaint downtown area. We were looking for Mustache Pete’s, the Italian restaurant we used to eat at after our pre-marriage counseling sessions, but we found that it went out of business 😦 So, we settled for another Italian restaurant called Lombardi’s.

After we finished our meal, we ordered Tirimisiu to-go, and ate it at our hotel room, watching part of 2 silly/stupid movies. In between, we took a midnight stroll along the beach, hand in hand.

The next morning, we went to the full breakfast provided in the cute dining area of the hotel. Waffles, eggs, bacon, potatoes, coffee and OJ….mmmm.

After taking a nap, we checked out of our hotel and returned again to the beach for a few pictures. Once we were done, we went back to downtown Cambria and bought an iced mocha and donut to share. We drove home, just in time for Gregory’s lunch 🙂 My dad said that he went down to sleep last night without any fuss. He’d been a happy boy all morning, and had just finished his 2 hour morning nap. As happy as he was, you could tell he was glad to see us. He waved hello (his newest trick) and proceeded to giggle and play with us on the floor. At one point, he crawled up and put his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me. Normally, when he does this, he can’t stay still for long, but today he was there for quite a while.

All in all, THE BEST anniversary so far. Sure beats sitting in a car repair shop!

Later on, we also get to use the anniversary gift from Jesse’s parents– a very generous gift card to Robert’s in Paso. Looking forward to more good food!


4 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip

  1. awww! fun! also funny that we did the same thing on our fifth but stayed at white water inn just a few places down from where you were. we even went to Lombardi’s the first night! great minds think alike! 😉

  2. yeah, I was actually thinking that before our anniversary, the last time we were there was for your wedding. It’s where we stayed afterward. Our anniversary was fun…but I was 6 weeks pregnant and rather sick the whole time. =(

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