Lil’ G is smart. No, really! I know every mom thinks that, but I really do think he has a lot going on upstairs.

For example:

1. Yesterday at church, one of the parishioners who’s a Dr. asked us how old he was. When we said only 10 months, he was floored. “Really?” he said. “His dexterity, alert behavior and core strength definitely remind me of a 14 month old. He must be meeting all of his milestones way early, huh?”

Mama’s Response: Nice to hear, especially since the only comments we get about his age are how small he is for it…

2. I’ve sung, “Patty cake” many times for him, clapping his hands to the rhythm. Just recently, G’s been clapping voluntarily, mostly when I say, “yay!!!”. Just today, however, I sang the song, and he started clapping to the rhythm, huge grin on his face. I tried it again a few times in the afternoon– same thing.

Also, he just started waving goodbye!

3. He almost always goes for his books first when playing. Ignores the toys, goes for the books. Today, he grabbed a book, sat down, and proceeded to “baby talk” his way through it. “baba-gaga-eeeee–ohhh–tututu….”, with lots of intonation and rise/fall in his voice. When he got done playing with the pages, he stopped, picked up another book, and did the same thing again!

I will always love my babies, no matter if they’re smart or slow. But, I gotta admit, it’s way more fun to watch G doing stuff like this. It’s like getting to see a whole new world through his eyes.

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