First Sunday

We just had a wonderful first day at our new church in SLO. Of the 40 people in the parish, 10 of them were children, 7 of which were under the age of 4! The parish is very used to children and encouraged us over and over again to let Gregory make as much noise as he wants! Much of this has to do with the fact that 3 of the kids were the priest’s 🙂 They even have kids’ activity bags in the back of the church for parents to borrow during the service.

Obviously, the parish is very friendly. They have a potluck after every service– one of the deacons who introduced himself to us filled up our plates with food since he could see we had our hands full with G. They had yummy lasagna, salami sandwiches, and tons of fresh organic oranges, picked this morning at a parishioner’s orange grove!

Turns out, another young couple with one 3 year old daughter and one “one the way” just moved to the area 3 weeks ago. They were from another OCA parish in Georgia. We found that we have a lot in common– the mom, Heather, who’s in her early 30’s and a stay at home mom, is very into organic foods and farmer’s market shopping 🙂 Who does that sound like? And we’re both new to the Central Coast, so it sounds like we could both use each other as friends!

In other news, Jesse is in a little place we’d like to call heaven right now. We just got In N Out burgers and the Dodgers are live on TV. All I can hear him saying right now is, “Vin Scully! Dodgers! Now! Vin Scully!” etc…..

Also, Gregory’s runny nose is really sad. Going on Day 4 now. He seriously sounds like a pug dog as he’s nursing! No cough and no fever though, thank God! We bought him some elderberry herbs (on the advice of our new naturopathic pediatrician/midwife– thanks Steph for the recommendation!), so we’ll see if those help.

ALSO, last night we finally saw the last Harry Potter! Yay for families to babysit. And, yes, it was awesome. Can’t believe we waited so long 😉

Now, to take a nice, long, nap! Our only plan for the rest of the day is to have dinner with Jesse’s family this evening. Tomorrow is our first day of teaching orientation, so we’d better relax while we can!


3 thoughts on “First Sunday

  1. everyone was asking about you at church today. the wound is still very frest at st seraphims, but i’m glad your new church sounds like they will take good care of you guys (and especially our godson). tell jesse that the highschoolers have asked michael if they can start school in september (instead of waiting for october). they really want to get back into it. life goes on, but it’s not the same

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