Nice things about being home:

Yesterday, we woke up to the sound of my parents’ trees getting trimmed. They have a few big oaks in the front and a tiny orchard of about 8 fruit trees in back. The wonderful part? The tree trimmer was none other than the son of a dear dear friend of the family. His mother used to babysit me twice a week while my mother worked. She also tailored my wedding dress and made me and my bridesmaids breakfast. I love these times that show me what a “small world” the Central Coast is.

After we’d woken up a bit, we began to unload our Penske truck. I recruited my brother Joe who was still asleep at the time, thinking that there was no way Jesse would be able to get all those boxes by himself.

Turns out, didn’t need to worry! A few minutes later, David and his wonderful girlfriend from Biola named Emily arrived. Emily stayed with Janelle and I in the house, organizing the little stuff as the guys brought it in.

About an hour later, Brooke and her teenage daughter Rachel arrived. They heard we were moving and voluntarily decided to take the afternoon off to help! For me, this confirmed once again just how wonderful it is to be near family. I was worried that it would be mostly Jesse and I unloading the truck, just as it was 90% of the time while we were packing (although we did get some great help from Jason and Michael on the final day!). Instead, we had a team– no, an ARMY of 8 individuals! They helped us sort the boxes (some are staying in storage), move our new bed in, hang stuff in the closet, set up our tv and stand, and even watched Gregory for me when he awoke from his 3 hour afternoon nap (what a GREAT day for him to decide to sleep!). Our little “apartment” in the back of the house is really starting to take shape!

No sooner had the moving army left, than my Mom got home from work and made us yummy pulled pork sandwiches. I love dinners that I don’t have to cook 🙂

And just an HOUR later, my best friend Tess arrived with an iced latte for us. We spent the evening hanging out with her and another friend from high school who went on to Azusa Pacific and then became Orthodox.

As if the good times just weren’t enough, today Jesse, Gregory and I all went to SLO and had Thai food for lunch with my Dad. It was a sunny 75 degrees with slight breeze (ahhhhhhh!!!!), so we were able to sit on the outdoor patio overlooking a babbling creek. Oh yes. It was heavenly. The food was awesome too!

TONIGHT, we are meeting both families for dinner at Brooke’s house. I’m sure it will be the usual– lots of talking, laughing and eating.

Yes, it’s wonderful to be back in the arms of such a vibrant and caring family. We are so blessed.

In other news, I’d better go now. Gregory just ate coffee grounds out of the trash can (wow…just…wow…) and is now in the newspaper bin, having a ball. He also caught some sort of cold on the plane and has a thick, green runny nose. Ah, life with a toddler!

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