10 Month Letter

My sweet little boy,

You are now in the double digits! 10 months old! As your grandma and mommy started making plans for your first birthday party, it felt a bit surreal. How can you already be so close to a year? Yesterday, Mommy’s automatic facebook alerts told her that at this time last year, she was getting her 30 week ultrasound– even though she’d already had two, she just had to see you one more time. She was so impatient to meet you.

That’s how she still feels, every time you wake up from a nap. She always comes in and says, “Hi!! I missed you, sleepyhead!” so that you’ll never doubt for ONE MINUTE how much she couldn’t live without you.

The dog and her boy

And it’s hard to ever think of a time when you weren’t a part of our lives. 10 months is a long time, but every month goes by a bit faster, which is scary. Mommy feels like the main thing that’s changed this month is the way in which you interact with others. You are keenly aware of anyone in the room and always want to be part of the action. If you hear someone laughing, you start to laugh along, even if you have no idea what it’s about. That’s actually one of the ways Mommy and Daddy can get you to laugh– we just come up to your face and say, “haHA!” and you scrunch up your nose and giggle. It’s the sweetest thing.

You love to play games, even initiating them yourself. Just yesterday morning, you were standing next to Mommy’s chair, and all of a sudden you were using the edge of the tablecloth to play Peekaboo! It made you so happy to be able to do it over and over again and still get the same reaction from Mommy. The day before that, you went up to Grandma and stuck your finger through the hole in her clogs. When she gave a little pretend yelp, you thought it was the greatest and did it over and over again!

You also make it very clear when you’re happy to see someone. When you woke up this morning and saw Daddy for this first time in days (he was driving your baby diapers and toys across the country from Dallas!) you were ecstatic. Beaming with glee, climbing all over him while giggling, even trying to talk a few times. You had eyes for no one but him.

You still love Clarabelle– a ton! You have figured out that if you hold onto her dog toy, she will “wrestle” with you. This game goes on for over half an hour at times, as you giggle hysterically. Whenever you see a pet of any sort, you make this high pitched babbling noise that sounds kind of like a meow, kind of like a doggie whine.

You LOVE the pool!

You still eat a TON. An example from your dinner last night: you ate one scrambled egg mixed with a bit of salsa and two huge jars of baby food! Not to mention all the scraps you begged from everyone’s spaghetti a little later in the evening. We have not yet found a food that you won’t eat. Luckily, it doesn’t matter how much solid food you eat– you never turn down a nursing opportunity. Hopefully, Mommy can keep her milk supply up, long enough to at least take you through the next 8 weeks to your birthday!

You love eating lemons!

We discovered the “snack cup” this past month, and it has been such an easy way to keep you entertained. That’s the thing– when it comes to food, you are verrrry predictable. Mommy knows that if the cup is filled with “puffs”, you will stay put, hand in the cup, until the entire thing is gone. Even after the last piece, you keep your hand inside the lid, crawling around with the makeshift hoof on!

You are very mobile, pulling up on anything and everything, and have even figured out how to climb a few things! No walking yet, even though you push around your walker toy with gusto. We’ve even caught you standing without support a few times, but the moment you realize it you sit down.

Instead of going down to one long nap, you’ve now stretched things back out into 3 naps/day. Perhaps this could be from a few of the late nights we’ve had due to goodbye parties and moving. You wake up at 7:45am, have a nap at 9am, nap at 1pm, and a short nap at 4pm. And then it’s back to bed at 7:30pm! Sleeping the night away!

Falling asleep on Grandpa

One BIG thing Mommy forgot to mention– you no longer live in Dallas. It will always be your birthplace, but Mommy and Daddy decided that seeing your grandparents only once or twice a year was just not enough. We want you to have a relationship with all four of them– something that could only happen if we moved back to California. So far, you seem to be adapting quite well– it’s very hard for you to turn down lots of attention πŸ˜‰ Not to mention, you are going to have two new large houses to explore/destroy! Your grandparents better be ready!!!

Discovering drawers in Grandma's kitchen

We are loving the little boy you are becoming, and we are very blessed to have a baby as easy as you. You have your “moments”, but for the most part we know how to please you and how to keep things going smoothly. You are a very adaptable baby, which showed itself while we were moving. I don’t think you went to bed at a normal time even ONCE for the last 2 weeks, and yet you somehow managed to be a good boy while Mommy packed. You ran errands in the car all day without complaint, and you let anyone and everyone hold you as they said their goodbyes.

You are still, by far, the most important thing Mommy and Daddy have in life, and we promise to put your first, whenever possible. We love you so much that it’s a part of who we are.

Love, Mommy

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