Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

More sad goodbyes with students this week:

One family told me never to forget that we were once Texan


More sweet sad notes. The chart above is something a little girl made for me, so that I could "help my new students in California learn their notes" !

My sweet little student Mary played/sang this song for me. She also gave me the card on the left. Notice all the broken hearts 😦 This same girl wore purple (my favorite color) in my honor to our goodbye party last week

I’ve received a lot of gifts as well– $50 gift card to Bed Bath Beyond, $50 gift card to Pier One, tons of chocolate (some even from Ireland!), picture frames with cute pictures of us together, a special teeshirt for G, and, of course, the Texan gear. The same family also got Jesse a “Texan” pocket knife πŸ™‚

It’s so hard to say goodbyes. I hate it.

One thing I love about kids, however: they wear their hearts on their sleeve. If they feel sad enough to cry, they cry. If they wish you weren’t leaving, they say so. They don’t have any reservations about letting someone know exactly how much they mean. I really like that!

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