Moving Week Updates

Just time for a few quick updates:

1. I’ve sold sooo much stuff on Ebay these past few weeks. Literally. Over $200 worth! All I did was list random things I’ve outgrown, some Ecco boots Jesse’s never worn (sold for $47! I couldn’t believe it!), a few “duplicate” books from our Torrey collection….along with all the furniture we’ve sold on Craigslist, that’s over $1,000 in stuff sold. Apparently, if we ever get into debt trouble, all I need to do is start selling stuff!

2. Almost all packed. I’d say we’re 75% done!

3. Car is officially totalled. Booooo. But the good news is that we don’t have to worry about how to get it to CA. The pay-off amount is more than what we owed, so that’s also good news. Jesse wants us to wait to buy a car until we get settled in CA. Perhaps we’ll be thinking clearer then, no?

4. Saying goodbye to my sweet piano families SUCKS. One girl literally sobbed into her mom’s shoulder as I drove away. Ick. I feel like I’m on my last nerve emotionally!

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