Dream Come True!

This morning, during our playtime, Gregory actually played catch with me! Full-on, cognitively understood the concept and tossed me the ball over and over after I tossed/rolled it back!

I’ve been playing this game with him for weeks, but I’ve had to supply both ends of the bargain. In other words, I would do all the tossing, but cheer whenever I made the ball roll from him towards me.

Today, he absolutely LOVED it when I cheered! He thought it was the greatest thing that he got to throw the ball and be cheered for. Cackles of glee were flying all over the living room. We must have tossed the ball back and forth at least a dozen times.

I’m so glad that God has blessed us enough to let me stay home with my baby. It’s worth every minute, and I can’t imagine missing any of it.

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