CA Days 5-10

Things rreally sped up at the tail end of our CA vacation. For 4 days and 3 nights we went camping at Big Sur with our old church, along with our two families and lotsa good friends. I was scared to death about the logistics of camping with a baby, but it was actually not too bad! He slept in the pack n play in our tent with the white noise machine (batteries!), waking only one or two times every night. Of course, he was like a little rooster, waking up our entire campsite at 7 am sharp! But he was still able to take one or two long naps a day in the tent, sometimes falling asleep in other places (depending on what we were doing).

One of the things that made it easier was the fact that the Cones and the Honeycutts had sites right next to each other! This meant that as long as an adult was at either site and agreed to be the designated “G listener” during nap/sleep times, Jesse and I could roam the campground, sitting around campfires, chatting with good friends like Tim and Hope. In other words, because of G’s decent sleep habits that survived even the wackiest of schedules, along with gracious parents, Jesse and I were able to have quite a bit of “baby free” time to just chill, go hiking/swimming, ride bikes to get icecream at the lodge, etc. It was very fun and very needed.

The view of the mountains from our campsite

G, asleep after a walk with his Aunt Janelle and a few of her friends

The blanket that we set up for G to crawl around on

Our little family!


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