Day 4 in CA

Today my mom, G and I drove Keith and his girlfriend to LAX for their flight back to the naval base in Charleston. Other than a HUGE poop explosion on G’s part (poor guy, 20 minutes of grunting, pooped a cork, 20 more minutes of grunting and crying, then pooped what could only be described as a long string of sausage, all over the seat we were trying to change him in on the side of the road!), the trip went well.

After dropping them off at the airport, my mom and I ate lunch at the Panera Bread near Biola (for old times sake!). We ran a quick errand at the Biola Registrar, then headed to the Shelby’s to meet little Annalyse! Chelsea took a picture of me holding the gorgeous little girl– hopefully she’ll send it soon!

My mom and I headed back to Atascadero around 4pm, getting waylaid in Camarillo at the outlet mall. I ran into a few stores, trying to find some warm baby accessories for G’s first camping trip this weekend.

I promised a video of the funniest moment from last night. This is a video of Keith and Joe. It started as an imitation of the elephant seal bulls that we saw on the beach, but it ended as a contest of strengths between the Army and Navy.


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