Day 3 in CA

This morning, after visiting the Greek Orthodox church in SLO with Amber, Keith and G, we met back up with the rest of the family at home to eat a leisurely lunch. While G took a loooong 3 hour afternoon nap, we played games on the Wii.

Playing "Just Dance"

Once G awoke, we went to San Simeon beach (not 10 minutes from where Jesse proposed to me 6 years ago!) to watch the Elephant Seals.

2 bulls fighting

Beautiful coastline

so cool

The beautiful drive home

After eating yummy dinner at a seaside cafe called The Cavalier, we made it home just in time to put G to bed…but not before he could melt hearts with his yummy cuteness!

Seriously. He is to die for!

We finished the evening off with a rousing game of “Apples to Apples” (my family is obsessed with this game!). Also, Amber happened to catch the funniest moment of the night, all on film. Since her camera is HD, it is taking forever to load on to Youtube, but it will be here soon…stay tuned!


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