Day 2 in California

Yesterday, we all took our time waking up (everyone except Gregory, that is…) and headed to Boomer’s Arcade Park in Santa Maria. We played a loooong round of mini golf (we didn’t even finish…7 people+no discernible putting talent= cheating by the 7th hole). After we were “done”, my mom, dad, Gregory and I went to Trader Joe’s while the boys, Amber and Janelle rode the go-karts and played some arcade games.

We all met back up at my parents house, where our evening get-together was being held. My mom invited some of our closer friends and family, so the house was inundated with laughter and chatter the rest of the evening. We even finished off the evening with a heated round of pictionary, 12 boys vs. 10 girls (made even more interesting by the fact that each team invented the words for the other team before the game began…the boys threw in words like “erectile disfunction”– thanks Keith and Derek– while the girls gave words like “Fur Elise”).

Here’s a picture of my little man, enjoying the beautiful 70 degree sunshine! Once we started our mini golf game, I used the backpack carry with the Mei Tai. He sat patiently for over 2 hours that way!


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