I hope that someday, when Gregory is grown and moved on from us, I will still remember mornings like today.

How we just laid next to each other, giggling while I tickled and draped his face with a scarf. Over and over again, little giggles of delight as he felt the soft scarf pass over his eyes and nose. The cutest.

How, when I fell asleep beside him in the living room (which was baby-proofed and barricaded!) he got lonely and woke me up by crawling over and giving me big open mouth kisses, all over my face.

How, after I finished singing him nursery rhymes, he sang his own tunes, independently for a solid 10 minutes.

How he called after the dog, “DAAWWWW!! DAAAAWWWW!!!!”

How he sat attentively on my lap while we read books together.

Chores, be damned. This is the kind of morning I love.

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