After receiving my white/glass Evenflo bottles in the mail yesterday, I was reminded of why it’s so important to use wide based bottle nipples when trying to successfully breastfeed without immense pain.

WOW-za! Or should I say, OW-za!

Basically, it breaks down like this:

Baby+ Wide Mouth+ Goes AROUND, not ON nipple= Successful, pain free breastfeeding.

It’s like comparing drinking through a straw, an act which just requires you to purse your lips, with drinking from a cup. A short, narrow based nipple encourages the “straw”, while a wide base encourages the baby to open wide. Also, a wide mouth means that the baby actually gets more milk per feeding.

(also, sidenote: slow flow vs. medium flow also matters a ton. G almost stopped breastfeeding altogether at 5 weeks because the bottle we were using only 1-2x/week was a medium flow and he got too frustrated at how slow breastfeeding is when we switched back. oops!)

Safe to say, even after 8 months of breastfeeding, I am replacing the tops of these bottles with wide based ones.

There you are. Way more than you needed or wanted to know!


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