Call me, “Sidewinder”. Or “The Dog Whisperer”.

Video 1: G talks/screeches for a while, then proceeds to crawl sidewind around the living room. Yes, it looks like I never change my baby’s clothes, as he is still wearing his Dodger onesie. The truth is, he has a giant pack of these. This was actually taken a few days ago.

Video 2: G and Claire, BFF for life. The funniest part about this is when G hits Claire in the face with Sophie the Giraffe. Basically, he is taunting her. Claire wants to chew that toy up more than anything in the world. We’ve even caught her staring longingly at it when no one is around.

When G gets really excited, he bangs Sophie around, making her squeak. The squeak makes Claire go nuts. Claire going nuts makes G even more wild, causing Sophie to squeak even more. It’s the hilarious chain of events that makes life over here funnier every day.


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