2 people went on a date

It’s been a few months since Jesse and I had alone time without G. One of the advantages to having the cutest baby EVER is we have a long list of people begging us to babysit. One such person is a nice lady at church who Jesse works with on parish council. As soon as G was in bed last night, she came over and babysat so that we could go out.

We don’t have much money, so we ate dinner ahead of time. We thought about seeing a movie, but the thought of spending our only alone time sitting silent in front of a movie screen was depressing. So, we voted for beers and dessert. We went to Humperdinks in Dallas– a place not unlike BJ’s. We ordered beer tasters, along with a pint of yummy Porter. We also got a few appetizers. Once we were done with those, we got some yummy bread pudding with Blue Bell vanilla icecream on top!

After eating, we decided to take a walk down Memory Lane, near our first place in Las Colinas. We went to our old apartment complex and drove to the 4th floor of the parking garage. It’s basically a giant deserted rooftop– we have several memories there. Once, we spray painted some bookshelves. Another time, we watched the fourth of july fireworks. This time, we got out of the car and got to gaze out at the Dallas skyline, whilst talking about all sorts of things. It was definitely the highlight of my week 🙂


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