Baby Shelby!

I can’t tell you how freakin excited I am right now. Our friends, Justin and Chelsea, just gave birth to their first baby. I just got off the phone with her, and she sounds sooo happy and sooo in love with her baby girl (which is awesome, seeing how she isn’t even a “baby person”). She was a total Rockstar– in labor all day. Her doula, a girl who was in my brother’s Torrey class and now attends St. Barnabas in Costa Mesa, sounds like she was a huge blessing to have at the hospital (St. Jude’s).

Man, I already had baby fever. This just took it to a whole new level. I’m officially declaring– I cannot wait to have another one! Sure, labor sucks (on the phone, Chelsea kept saying, “now, THAT part wasn’t fun!” to which I kept responding, “um, is ANY of it fun?”) but that after-birth high? Where you are gazing in awe at this beautiful creature who was inside of you for almost a year? There is nothing, NOTHING like it. The greatest high on earth. Hands down.

Baby Shelby still doesn’t have a name, but even if she did, I wouldn’t write about it here, as it’s their story to tell. But I did feel the need to say just how utterly ecstatic I am for them!!! The one picture I did see, however, is super cute (I think she looks like Justin).

5 thoughts on “Baby Shelby!

    • Well, I’m with Kaiser. I’ve seen both Sheri Moreno and Laura Garcia, plus an OB. I get whichever midwife is on duty when I arrive at the hospital. Anyway, the midwives have been great and I’ve heard great things about the nurses at the hospital!

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