Paying It Forward

Tonight, I accidentally ran across a few articles about the links between SIDS and the DTaP vaccine.

Do your own research, seriously. Having had a relative die of SIDS, I have no interest in discussing the morbidity. Plus, if you’ve read my blog at all, you already know my stance on vaccines– conflicted and undecided (a hard spot to be in, for someone with my personality!!).

I bring this up only because it explains why I just spent time researching food, and after midnight, no less.

I mean, I had to do something! I was thoroughly depressed and even slightly nauseous by what I’d read. And trust me, I stumbled upon the SIDS/vaccine article by accident. I was not prepared for what I read, and yet I couldn’t look away…

On to happier things: Thanks to Christina (a friend from Biola/Torrey who is 8 months preggo with her first baby) I recently discovered Urban Acres, an organic farmstore smack dab in the middle of Dallas. They have a neat vegetable co-op, where I can pay $50/month for 30 lbs. of organic produce, straight from local Texas farms! Add onto that the fact that this store sells beef from the ranch I’ve been researching, and we have a winner! I can spend $75/month for 10 lbs. of antibiotic/hormone free lean ground beef, and not be too much poorer for it!

Also, they sell non-homogenized milk! The kind where the cream rises to the top and everything! In 4 more months (wow, already??) when G is drinking milk, I am determined that it be the real stuff, full of all the hearty vitamins that are lost during the homogenization process. Plus, I’ve heard that it actually tastes like melted icecream! WORD!

Again, if you think I’m crazy for caring about this stuff instead of buying 1.99/lb ground beef from the supermarket, here’s some food for thought from a blog I found through Courtney.

Eating food that isn’t stuffed with artificial fillers really does pay off in health (FYI, 70% of the world’s antibiotics are found on U.S. feedlots…there’s a reason E coli strains become resistant to pretty much whatever we throw at them!).

As they say, pay it now to the farmer, or pay it later to the doctor!


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