Planning WAYYY Ahead

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of research devoted to what kinds of products I would like for Baby #2 (and NO, WE’RE NOT PREGNANT. Just for clarification.) I think that making a list of things that would’ve been helpful for the first 6 months will be easier now, while the memory is fresh. As G gets more and more self-sufficient, it gets difficult to remember what things used to be like!

In the process, I’ve found some neat stuff I wish I’d known about!

For instance…

This Fisher Price Baby Bentwood Rocker is AWESOME! It can rock or be stationary, plus it has a vibrating function, which we found to be super helpful in getting G calm (hey, it was either that or bounce him in our arms, which is tiring at 4am! Some people are against it though, which is totally valid). Plus, it's only $50, which is a great price for these type of seats. PLUS it's really cute.

Glamourmom tummy control nursing tanks-- while these are expensive, even the smallest size at Target was way too big around my stomach within a week of giving birth. It's also nice to have a layer covering your stomach when nursing in public. I practically lived in these for the first few months.


We have the all-in-one Combi Coccorro carseat, but G will probably still be in it until he's 3 or so. It wasn't our original plan to use an infant carseat, but I'm so glad we switched for the short term-- it's made getting in and out of the car quickly with an infant sooo much easier. Grocery store runs are a cinch! It takes us about 5 seconds to lock G's seat into the base in the car, instead of the 3-5 minutes to get him buckled in, while bending over. I like this Britax one because of the unique Anti-Rebound bar.

While this stroller is super expensive, it's also super versatile, with 14 different configurations. It can accommodate a click-in infant seat. It can even become a double seater for child #2!

Don't you just want to BE this mom, long skirt and everything? Haha.

I want to find a co-sleeper of some sort. I grew really fond of having G with us, right next to the bed. I wish I'd learned to nurse G while laying on my side a lot sooner. While there is a learning curve, it is soo easy to do without waking up fully--essential when you're getting up 5-6 times a night! Our pack n play worked alright, but I like the idea of a fold-down side that can be put back up when the baby is older, making it a small portable crib! Genius! I could see it only working for 6-8 months, but it would've been worth the money to me, due to how our family operates.

I'm always a fan of space-savers! This folds flat for storage, and fits easily in a smaller kitchen sink like ours. I can't find anywhere to store G's HUGE infant bathtub-- it's just an awkward piece of plastic that we always have sitting in our 2nd bathroom! This would've been much nicer.

Next time around, I'm starting with a giant stash of these-- Thirsties Duo Diaper Covers. By far, hands down, the best. Only 2 sizes needed from birth to potty training. Never ONCE had a leak with these puppies! They are perfect in every way.

There are things that we haven’t needed first time around, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which things were expendable, since I tried everything and ended up finding uses for everything we were given. I had doubts about using a changing table (almost just used a dresser), but ended up liking the height since it was a back-saver. Our rocker has been nice, but not necessary. Our papasan baby chair was extremely helpful, but only for about 8 weeks (if it wasn’t only $5, I might feel bad about this fact 🙂 ). Many find the Boppy-like Nursing pillows to be over-kill, but I still use my “Breast-friend” pillow for nursing, mainly because of the lumbar support that it provides. Proper angle is so crucial during the first few days (otherwise, HELLO INTENSE PAIN!), and I think my pillow put G at the exact right place, even when I was too tired to think clearly.

Apartment Therapy just ran a blog post about baby items that we think we need but don’t. The Rocking Chair won as the most over-rated baby item!

I think I’ve asked this before, but it was a while ago. What items do you wish you’d bought? What items do you think were unnecessary?


3 thoughts on “Planning WAYYY Ahead

  1. we have that co-sleeper 🙂 although, I had a hard time using it because my freaking babies wake up so many times during the night it just wasn’t worth it to try putting them back… 😛

  2. yes, the same one. its Amy’s brand and its not cheap. my parents bought it for us bc my mom said it would be so helpful. The quality and look of the wood are just beautiful! It is solid as a rock too. my only complaint is that the sides are so high I had a hard time lifting and putting the baby back in on the not bed side, although, if you are used to dealing with a crib you will probably not even notice. we just bought it on line 🙂

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