Popeye the Sailor

G is getting SO VERY strong and active nowadays. At only 7 months, he is crawling from a sitting position, cruisin on the furniture (many times one-handed), diving out of his bumbo and bouncy seats (even when buckled) and nearly balanced enough to stand on his own.

They say you can tell a lot about a baby’s personality from this stage. G is definitely a no-holds-barred, “try anything and think about the consequences later” type of baby. He isn’t afraid of doing something right, he’s just determined to try, over and over. Every day, he takes huge strides because he spends a good deal of time on the floor with me, “exercising”. I think that the more mobile he gets, the more he is motivated to try things.

As a result, he is receiving about 3-4 accidental bumps on the head every day, sending him into a fit of tears (only for a few seconds, and not with Jesse, funny enough!). When he can’t have something that he’s been crawling towards, or that something is taken away from him once he gets it (my cereal bowl, cell phone or laptop), he has what I can only call a tantrum (isn’t it too early for those?). Add that to his current state of teething-crankiness, and he’s not too much fun to be around right now!

cruisin on the couch

Standing with very little help!

Here’s a video that was taken about a week ago. He’s already become a much better crawler since!

Here’s another funny video from a week and a half ago of G getting super excited around Claire-bear (who is running for her life, half the video!).

And I think we all know what he’s doing here, especially at 1:48…

One more video, from whence this post gets its name…

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