Hail and Tornados!

We had a pretty crazy weather day over here! I left my piano lessons half hour early in order to beat the storm home. I’m a bit skittish, seeing as there was a similar, lesser in intensity, storm on Friday afternoon, wherein I was caught in hail whilst driving on the freeway (I ducked under an overpass and waited it out with a dozen other cars). It was miserable, so I took every precaution to avoid it today.

The sirens were going off for around 45 minutes. I am pretty certain that at one point, I saw a funnel cloud begin to descend from the clouds in the distance. We were pelted with golf-ball sized hail for around half an hour (it sounded like someone was throwing baseballs at our windows and roof!).

the size of hail that fell near us-- we were on the outskirts of the storm

The hail that fell 10 minutes from where I was teaching piano lessons, smashing windshields and denting cars

Here’s the scary thing: this video was taken from within the Unruh’s apartment complex.

Here’s a video that Jesse and I took. Take note of our AWESOME parenting skills.

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