Toxic Baby Products

Finally! America is starting to “get” it! This is why I bought an organic, flame-retardent-free mattress for G, way back when.,%202011&MsdVisit=1


2 thoughts on “Toxic Baby Products

  1. Which one did you buy? I need to start doing research and order one. Do you know the pros/cons of the different materials (cotton, wool, natural latex) or the combos made of them? I also don’t want to spend a fortune. 😦

  2. I got a very high end wool one off of Craigslist. Normally, used mattresses=ick! but this family never used theirs since they primarily co-slept. Sadly, they are going to be expensive, whichever way you cut it. There’s one that retails for something like 259, I believe, which is the cheapest (if they’re any cheaper, they aren’t filled with organic material, just have an organic outer layer). Also, one has to be somewhat careful with wool, because some babies can be allergic. I watched for that– so far, no trouble!

    I’m pretty convinced that mattress fumes are the leading cause/factor related to SIDS. It’s one of the reasons the SIDS rate went down when babies weren’t facing towards the mattress– not as many fumes! That flame retardancy stuff is nasty– basically roach poison. Totally worth it to find the right one, trust me!

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