How Sweet!

Today, I got a text message from an old friend from Biola. While we weren’t “technically” roommates, persay, we were in the same Torrey group, and lived next door to each other for a year. We helped each other through some of the most difficult experiences of our 4 college years. We traveled to Europe together. We cried and talked late into many nights. She was in my wedding. One of the closest and dearest people to my heart.

The last time I got to talk on the phone to her was when I found out I was pregnant with Gregory. It’s been hard keeping in touch since then, although we do email back and forth.

So it was quite a treat just to get a surprise text from her!

She asked if I had bought the Anthropologie swimsuit. You know. THE single most amazing retro swimsuit ever!

I replied that I hadn’t.

She said that it just had gone on sale, and that she was going to buy it for me. What size do I wear?

I clicked on the web link she sent to my email address (kudos, right? For not having known it was on sale? This means that I AM learning how to save…okay, seriously, it was probably just because I’ve been too busy shopping for baby stuff).

Um, “on sale” for Anthropologie is all relative. The swim suit was still $80 for both pieces.

So, I refused to let her buy it for me.

She said that I was being ridiculous, and that it was a poor substitute for coming to see me instead (this crazy busy girl is going for her second degree in Nursing at Azusa Pacific!).

I obliged and told her my size.

Darn, she says. They’re all sold out of the bottoms.

I felt relieved, because now there was no way she was going to spend that much $ on me! I told her that I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the bottoms anyway (something about the cut tells me it would look cute on a stick figure, but not on me!) and that I had been considering getting just the top and finding matching solid color bottoms elsewhere.

Done, she says. Ordered.

What a super sweet nice surprise! She knew that I was wanting something nice to wear this summer, after having my body invaded by pregnancy. Someday, I plan on treating her to something nice, when she has just had a baby! Until then, I’ll content myself with memories of how I used to special order her tiny tiny jeans on Ebay.

Just because, here are some good oldies!

Me, my roommate, and the dear friend of whom I speak, at our girls' weekend in Santa Cruz, 2 weeks before I moved to Texas

The 3 of us once again, overlooking Glastonbury, England

Bath, England. I am second from the left. She is on the very end. Yes, the very tiny one 🙂


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