Good Day!

So far, it’s been a great day, full of good news all around.

First of all, Jesse not only got a salary raise last week (3%), but he also got a huge promotion into the MIT (Managers in Training) program! He was interviewed as a candidate for this program back in March, and didn’t get it. This morning, however, they told him that they are expecting another huge acquisition, and will need more managers soon, so he’s in!

This is HUGE. Not only does he automatically get a $1,000 bonus every month, just for being in the program, but he’ll also get to do more of what he loves (teaching/leading others) instead of being on the phones all day! This is such a blessing for him, and for us!

Secondly, I toured an apartment complex in Grapevine today, and I really, really think this time that it could be “The One”. We like the idea of living 5-6 minutes from Jesse’s work, up in Lewisville, but when we toured the complex, Jesse was less than satisfied. The interior was nice (wood floors, granite countertops, etc.) and the price was right, but the complex…could only be described as a “Concrete Jungle”. We are soooo not that sort of people– we love our trees, wide open lawn spaces…

Sadly, most of the other complexes in Lewisville were of the same vein. Farther up north in the city, there are wooded areas, but not near Jesse’s work.

We’ve always loved the city of Grapevine. In fact, 4 years ago, we almost bought our first house there! They have an adorable downtown area and are right on Lake Grapevine which means lots of pretty parks, walking trails, etc. The entire town has a very “woodsy” feel to it.

The best part about Grapevine, for us, is the location, because it is 12 minutes from Jesse’s work (and he could take backroads, instead of the awful clogged freeway!), and 8 minutes from my piano students! Win win! It’s so close to my students, in fact, that I could even have a few of them come to me for lessons, possibly even during G’s nap times (which are becoming much longer and more predictable).

This complex is unique in more than a few ways. I’ve always had it in the back of my mind, ever since I interviewed for my first job in Dallas (my old boss ran her piano business out of her home here!). They have 2 LARGE floorplans that even come with big yards! Hear that? YARDS! Not typical of an apartment complex, to be sure.

Both of the 2 bedroom floorplans I am looking at have not only huge living and dining areas (each are individually bigger than our combined living/dining situation currently!) but also huge gameroom areas! Perfect for a little critter. Also, they are barely at $1,000/month, including water/trash.

For this floorplan, I'd use the "Gameroom" area as the dining, and use the dining room as a playroom for G. The yard part extends outside of the balcony, around to the end of the dining room. The gameroom in the middle is 15x12...our current living room is only 14x14! It would be like having a living AND family room. Novel, right?

Townhome floorplan. Love the 2 closets in the Master. We'd put our dining table in the breakfast nook and use the dining room (17x9!) as a play area/office. Also, we wouldn't have anybody above or below us-- win!

Here is a sideview of one of the townhomes. You can see the side yard.

See what I mean about wooded areas?

Plenty of open space for G to run around!

A pic of one of the yards. The office ladies said that all of the yards have been redone to be either wood chips, or grass sod. Most are big enough that I could put a play structure for G, AND a garden for me!

Old-ish kitchen, but we could make it work

I felt so convicted that this was “it”, that I even put down $25 to be on their waiting list, since nothing is currently available (she said it’s pretty common that they are full to capacity). However, 4 floorplans have renewal times coming up during our time frame (late July), all on the first floor (which is important, in order to have a yard), so if ONE of them decides not to renew…we’re in!

All in all, good day! I don’t have any piano lessons to teach, so I plan on taking the rest of the day to bake!


One thought on “Good Day!

  1. that is so awesome and exciting!! congrats to Jesse! a yard will be so incredibly nice for Gregory, trust me 🙂

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