7 Month Letter to G

Dear G,

My sweet, sweet “Baby-Love”, as I’ve taken to calling you. I’m afraid that your mommy has a big time crush on you. She can’t stop thinking about you, can’t wait to spend more time with you, and, of course, loves to kiss you any chance she gets! Your mommy has never known a love like this before.

I think you look like Mommy here...

Nothing better summarizes this last month better than the word “action”. In fact, one of your new nicknames is “The Hummingbird”. When you are awake, you do not.stop.moving!!! Rolling all over the living room, inching forward on your tummy…some of it is downright hilarious! We placed you in your crib the other day (unswaddled– most of the time, you can break out of it within seconds anyways), and you grabbed your ankles and proceeded to roll like a ball, all around the perimeter of your crib! You are still so so very strong. We can now stand you up next to furniture and you will hold yourself up, even venturing a step or two!

Havin' fun, loving life!

So many expressions

What a cutie-bug!

Your schedule is finally somewhat predictable. You wake up, nurse with mommy (you are usually sleeping right beside her after your 4am feeding, so this sometimes happens before either of you are fully awake!), hit mommy in the face a few times to wake her up, play and giggle with mommy for a few minutes, get a diaper change, eat some oatmeal, and play independently on your play-blanket with toys while mommy gets her own breakfast. Usually, by the time she gets back, you’ve transferred from sitting on to your stomach, where you’ve proceeded to roll/crawl over to something of interest. Mommy knows she needs to baby proof in the immediate future…You are so very good and playing by yourself, finding ways to make your toys do things they weren’t built for, pulling, yanking and throwing. You’ve taken such a huge leap in your development, both in dexterity and ingenuity!

Crawling over Daddy

After 2 hours to the minute, you are ready for your first morning nap. Since Mommy is almost always tired, she joins you, nursing you (both) to sleep. Your next nap, which happens between 12-1pm, usually occurs in Mommy’s Mei Tai wrap while she does chores. You very much like being next to Mommy as you sleep– you visibly relax and calm down the moment you get close again.

Asleep, with the swaddle blanket NEXT to you...

Speaking of which, you used to be a “mommy-only” type of boy, but now you also get HECKA excited when you see your Daddy! He comes home from work, and you immediately transform into a wiggly, shrieky wild boy! It’s like you know he wants nothing more than to play games with you! And you guys do play– for hours and hours. He has all sorts of ways to make you laugh out loud.

Playing with Daddy

But nothing beats how happy you are when all 3 of us are together. The other night, we all went grocery shopping. Daddy held you like you were an airplane, zooming down the aisles, back and forth. You LOVED IT! Every so often, you would look over at Mommy, as though you were checking in with her in between laughing spurts. Sometimes, as we hover over you adoringly, you take your time, scanning each of our faces in turn, a happy contented smile on your face. One thing is for sure– you KNOW how loved you are.

This month you also met your Auntie Autumn for the first time! You guys hit it off right from the start. She couldn’t stop talking about how cool you were, saying you were “so cute, it hurts!” She put on Mommy’s Ergo carrier and rocked you to sleep in it, which was really special. She also took over changing many of your diapers, giving Mommy a bit of a break from all your poo (sooo much lately!). She showered you with so much love and attention, I’m afraid you got a bit spoiled! 🙂

Love at first sight!

One of the biggest things we’ve learned from parenting you this month is that you love life, and, if we slow down and spend time playing with you, we’ll love life as well! You have that great of an influence on Mommy and Daddy. You are so very worth all the time and effort, and this just keeps getting better and better. 🙂

Love, Mommy


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