This is like a dream come true for Courtney and I. Once I we got over the fact that there would be downsides to being preggo at the same time, we dreamed about the day when our boys would love playing with one another.

Looks like that day is already arriving! Apparently, they entertained one another for a long time yesterday!

Jesse's the one taking the pic, which is why G is looking at the camera. Jonathan was probably looking at Michael and turned at the last second. How sweet!

watching Topher

Pondering whether or not to eat the car. Notice, G's hand is living up to his nickname, "The Hummingbird".

"WOw, Jonathan! Is eating cars the secret to gaining weight?"

Secret language...apparently, they each got the memo!

Secret handshake

Laughing together, just like their dads!

Big belly vs. skinny arms

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