Taking the Plunge

It’s happening. This weekend, I am walking into a salon, and leaving without my hair.

Lest you think I am trying to make “bald” the new sexy (I’ll leave that to the other Cone), I will elaborate.

I will be leaving without the majority of my hair.

I have decided to cut my hair shorter than it’s ever been.

Why? Because, as a mom, I feel frumpy. I am waaay too comfortable going out bra-less to walk the dog. Also. I feel waaay to comfortable telling everyone that. Feeling “put together” nowadays means I showered and took more than 60 seconds to do my makeup.

I have this theory, and from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly true amongst those I know. During pregnancy, hair looks GREAT! All shiny and thick from all those prenatal vitamins and the pregnancy-super-mom thing.

And then, 3 months after delivery…it starts falling out. Lots and lots of it. This corresponds with when the “just had a baby!”-high is over, and rubber meets the road. It also corresponds with when the books say you should be getting more and more sleep. Only, you aren’t. It’s dangerous to tell a sleepless mom that there are other moms out there getting sleep, because she will probably hand you her crying baby and lock the door to her bedroom to take a nap.

So many moms use this opportunity to do something drastic, like cutting of all/most of their hair. Nothing feels scary after you’ve pushed a huge watermelon out of your body. It’s like a skydiver deciding to spend the day at Six Flags. They’ll probably have to wake him up once the ride’s over.

But then, if you’re like me, you realized that you played it waaay too safe. Day by day…the Mommy Hair comes BACK with a vengeance. To be fair, I’m not sure if Mommy Hair is real, but I know that the mindset is.

And the unavoidable longing for the days when you never would’ve told a bunch of people that you go bra-less outside of the house ensues, and you start dreaming up ways to re-capture your dignity.

So, I made the appointment. Also, knowing that I would probably chicken out, I roped my friend Jenny into going with me. She’s taking the plunge as well– turning her brown curly locks into blond hotness! Not that blond hair is hot…well, maybe it is 🙂

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