‘Poo Free!

Confusing title, right? But that’s what people are calling it when you go “shampoo free”.

Sounds crazy!

Instead, you use a shampoo bar, specifically designed not to strip hair the way commercial shampoos do. It’s all natural, and you don’t usually need conditioner since your hair’s natural oils balance things out.

I’ve read rave reviews about this process, and almost decided to make my own using baking soda, apple cider vinegar (separate rinses, of course!), combined with things like coconut oil and calendula cream. Turns out, buying all the ingredients costs way more than just buying a bar of the soap at Central Market, so I’m gonna try it before I go through all the trouble of making my own. Apparently, it can take up to a week for hair to get used to things (aka, stop making more oil than needed since it won’t be getting stripped by harsh shampoos), so…fingers crossed. We’ll see when the week is up! Hey, anything’s worth a shot!

Only $5 for the amount of washes that 24 oz. of shampoo would accomplish! If I don't end up needing conditioner, then this is going to be quite a money saver!

Also, since I was out of my "Say Yes to Cucumbers" face wash and lotion, I decided to try some new stuff. The lady gave me a huge 3 oz. sample of this Better Botanicals cream face wash so that I can try it out. I love chamomile in face products...

Very excited about this face lotion. It felt so nice on my hand...we'll see how it goes!

One thought on “‘Poo Free!

  1. I’m not so sure about the title….but have been using shampoo bars for about a year now. It does take the hair a bit to get used to them and I have noticed that my hair isn’t nearly as soft or shiny as with shampoos with all the unfortunate chemicals (they do serve a purpose even if unhealthy…especially on my super coarse hair) but it is completely on par with liquid varieties of chemical free shampoos. In fact, if you have been using healthy liquid shampoos you might not notice a difference at all. I went from high chemical strait to bar and it took a little to get used to. Otherwise, they work great for cleaning and last forever. Also easier to take traveling since the whole no liquid thing.

    If you like bars, you can also get all natural shave bars, which are nice and even Jesse can use them to shave with. I suppose you could just use natural soap….but, yeah, shave bars are out there too. =)

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