It’s 9pm. We have already tried putting G to sleep for the evening. Twice.

He has been telling us, through many screams and squawks, that he is not ready to “go gently into that good night”.

Instead of putting him in his exersaucer, we figured his Papasan chair would be less stimulating. Maybe he can wind down and get sleepy there, we thought.

As you can see from this sequence, we were wrong.

Bored? No, I have my feet!

mmmm, toes!

"you should try this sometime!"

Continuing his fascination with feet, he found a way to stick them in this thing. Clever boy.

See that computer cord to the left? A few minutes later, he yanked it, nearly sending the laptop crashing onto him. Jesse’s quick reflexes saved us an ER trip…

Um, apparently we cant leave him alone in this any longer

He lost the other leg in nam. Apparently, hes also a fan of cottage cheese, if you get my meaning.

whew! getting tired!

kisses from daddy!!

Design Heaven

Wouldn't you just love this writing desk?

Another fab reading nook

The stark simplicity speaks to me


If I could find old doors like these...the list goes on and on...

I don't think I'd ever get out!

cutest container garden, EVER

6 Month Letter

Dear G,

Officially scared. How can you already be 6 months old?? That’s half a year!!! Everyone told us that time will fly, but now, we actually believe them.

Playing games w Daddy

Whenever Mommy tries to name all the things that we love about you, her heart overflows with emotions. How would Mommy and Daddy go about describing just a few things that we adore?

Mommy’s taken to singing you this song she made up:

(sung to the tune of “Edelweiss”)

“Greg-or-y, Greg-or-y,

Every morning you greet me.

Small, but strong,

Not-very-chubby or long,

I will love you for-ev-er!”

Sometimes, Mommy gets tears in her eyes when she sings it. You don’t notice– you’re too busy moving.

Mommy feels that this song basically sums you up at this time in your life. You are sooo strong. Your grasping reflex has turned your fists into two iron claws of destruction. Add onto that nails that grow at the speed of light, and you can inflict pain at will. If we get you near anything of mild interest, your fingers have grasped it within the blink of an eye. It’s dangerous to have you around anything sharp or hot, because you WILL find a way to grab it! This also means that Mommy can’t hold you on her lap while she’s eating anymore– you’ve dumped her dinner off the table on more than one occasion. If Claire is anywhere within arms reach, you manage to grab and twist her fur. She doesn’t like it, but so far she hasn’t acted aggressively towards you. We are trying to keep a vigilant eye on you two, until we can teach you proper doggy manners.

Eating one of the toys you ripped off of your exersaucer

Because you were so small at your 5 month-supposed to be 4 month– appt., we’ve taken the Dr.’s advice to start feeding you solids. Every day, Mommy grows more convinced of the fact that you will eat anything that’s set before you. Anything. She puts a spoon in front of you, you open wide and help bring it to your mouth. The first couple bites on the first day or two, you shuddered a bit when you tasted things. But that didn’t stop you. You still opened wide. Mommy didn’t use the” 3 day rule” of waiting in between foods, but she paid close attention to your every poo and slight diaper rash to make sure you weren’t allergic to anything. She can’t say you love one food more than another, because, like she says, you’ll eat ANYTHING! So far, you eat: sweet potatoes (first food!), bananas, avocados (mommy feeds you lots of these to fatten you up!), prunes (trust me, you need these often), apricots, apples, and brown rice cereal.


Now that Mommy’s increased her milk supply with the Dr.’s help, you are a much happier baby. You go down for 2-3 naps a day, settling down for bed somewhere in between 8-9pm. 95% of the time, you start out the night in your crib after Daddy has rocked you to sleep. When you get up for your early am feeding (between 4-5am), however, Daddy brings you to Mommy in bed, where you nurse while she lays down. Once you’re done (sometimes during!), you fall back asleep until you’re up for good at 7:30am. Usually, mommy lets you chatter away beside her while she tries to get an extra 15 minutes or so of snooze time. You let her know when you’re ready for her to wake up by rolling over on your side to pull on her hair or face.

You and Mommy, taking a nap together

Once awake, you have a pretty consistent morning routine: Morning nurses, then morning diaper change. You are seated at your Bumbo chair with a bib, where you eat one jar of solid food mixed with a tad bit of cereal and 2 tbsp. of pumped breastmilk. Then, Mommy puts you to play in your exersaucer while she makes her own breakfast and does a few chores around the house. Most of the time, you are beyond excited to play independently, checking every so often to make sure Mommy’s nearby. Within an hour, you act sleepy, so you are put you down for your first nap.

Acting sleepy...time for a nap!

Our morning routine is about the only thing consistent in our day. 3 days a week, Mommy takes you to piano lessons with her in the afternoons. The other 2 days, you go to Aunt Courtney’s house to play with Jonathan and Topher until Daddy comes to get you when he’s done with work. Saturdays are “Play Day with Daddy”, because Mommy teaches piano lessons. Sometimes, Daddy has to work and Aunt Juju takes over.

In the front seat

One of Mommy’s favorite things about you is your sweet sweet personality. You love giving kisses, and you love being kissed. Sometimes, Mommy takes her time in the morning, kissing your little cheeks, your nose, your neck. You giggle constantly when you’re kissed on the chin. And you always initially wrap your arms around Mommy when she picks you up, especially after she’s been gone for a while.

Pulling Mommy towards you to give kisses

One of the weirdest things you’ve learned to do is unlatch a nursing bra. Yes, your secret has been exposed. Someday, when you’re 16 and read this, you’ll be traumatized, I’m sure. Mommy has woken up on more than one occasion in the morning to find that you have not only scooted back next to Mommy, but you’ve also already “helped yourself” to your morning nurses. As a result, you now reach down the shirt of any female and start groping around, looking for a bra to unlatch. It’s hysterical. And kinda freaky. 🙂

When Mommy asked Daddy what his favorite part of this month has been, he said “G’s laugh”. It’s true. Daddy can send you into fits of laughter and shrieking with all of his games. In general, you are pretty noisy. Your “chatter” is full of tons of syllables and half words, and you love to be imitated. Sometimes, you’ll “talk for a few minutes, then look over at Mommy and Daddy expectantly to see if we heard you. We smile, say a few words back, and then you get visibly excited and go right back to your chatter, as though we’re having a conversation!

Games in the mirror!

Someone told Mommy at church today that “it only gets better”. With you, lil G, that doesn’t seem possible at the moment– we love so much about you, right here and now, just the way you are. Keep being the special, full of personality guy that you are, because we are really enjoying the ride!

Love, Mommy

April Reading List

Supposedly AWESOME, from all the reviews I read. Found it at the Euless Public Library

Also got great reviews, with helpful suggestions for "baby steps" OR "leaps". Again, from the library. If I like it enough, I'll buy it as a reference guide.

I keep hearing great things about this book, so I finally bought it for $.96 off of

Jackie and Sarah

Last year, I mentioned Jackie Evancho, the 8 year old who should’ve won America’s Got Talent.

Her new album comes out on June 14th. As I was searching for more of her music, I stumbled across this video– Jackie singing with her idol, Sarah Brightman. Wait until the end of the video where they sing together. Sarah Brightman is one of the best, if not THE best soprano in the world. And Jackie isn’t quite as good, but she holds her own. Incredible!!!


Next week is National Screen-Free Week. Apparently, the average preschooler spends 32 hours/week watching TV. Older kids, even more. Add in cell phones and computers…let’s just say, I don’t know what MY life would look like without my MAC…

Jesse and I have discussed many times how unlike the average American family we are. People are always shocked to find out that we don’t play computer games and don’t have a “gaming console” of any type. They ask his opinion about something that occurred on SportsCenter, and then are shocked to find out that we don’t have cable or satellite and never have. Our midwife was surprised that we didn’t have an Ipod for a birth playlist, just our phone.

Last week, one of my 7 year old students told me in a very serious tone of voice that he had given up ice-cream for Lent. Then, he went on to say that his friend was fasting from Wii for Lent.

“Really?”I said. “I fast from Wii too.”

He nodded, then stopped and thought about it.

“Ms. Kelly, do you even have a Wii?”

“Nope” I said. “So I’m fasting from it all the time!” Then I added, “I also fast from my Ipod”.

“Because you don’t HAVE one, right?”


But we do watch a lot of Netflix, especially now that they went and added most of the old James Bond movies! I’ve been asking Jesse for a while if we could go “Screen/Media-Free” for an evening, so this next week might be a good time to do so. Plus, it’s Holy Week, and so there are important services every night. While it will be difficult with a baby in tow (keeping him out that late makes for a very rough evening!), I’m afraid we might have to put that excuse aside for the time being and just tough it out.

Because if there was ever a week to make the extra sacrifice from our routines…I know that I’d have a hard time explaining to the Lord why I didn’t want to wreck my schedule when He, you know, DIED for me.

The only way to get chores done…


I can’t even begin to pretend that this post will be centered around anything other than “baby”. G is my life, and while I love that, it does mean that most of my thoughts/activities will be centered around him.

1. We had THE BIGGEST-TO-DATE poop explosion yesterday. Make that two of them– one with Jesse, one with me. He hadn’t pooped since Sunday morning, so I fed him prunes for breakfast yesterday, knowing what would eventually happen….good grief. Good good grief. I was using a disposable, since a) I was about to specially launder our cloth dipes and b)because we were at piano lessons. That poor disposable Winnie the Pooh diaper never stood a chance– like a plastic cup trying to contain a Tsunami wave. This was half solid, half runny…it looked like an entire can of Lentil Soup, splashed all over the carseat and 3 layers of clothing.


Initially, it took me a while to stop hyperventilating once I saw the “damage”. I kept thinking, “BE THE PARENT, BE THE PARENT”, because all I wanted to do was go vomit and let someone else clean it up! It took 20 minutes for my piano student and I to conquer the mess (this time it was a girl, and she was the biggest help ever!!!).

As a result, we will not be using disposable dipes, even for outings. They just DO NOT WORK. Can I repeat that, for those of you who are about to be moms? THEY DO NOT WORK. If you want to use them, just make sure to pack a few extra sets of clothing. And plan on needing them.

Instead, I just invested in a few more diaper covers, the kind with double gussets. I’ve found they work best, probably because G doesn’t have chunky thighs. I would rather deal with cloth diapers/wet bags on the road than have to sponge bath my kid every time he has to poop, thank you very much!

2. I’m “stripping” our diapers right now. I let them soak overnight in baking soda, laundered them with my Rockin Green detergent, then rinsed them in Vinegar. Hopefully, this will cure the ammonia build-up, which was starting to smell and give G diaper rash.

3. NO FORMULA IN OVER A WEEK! G definitely has been getting enough milk from nursing, to the point where he’s been gagging at times because he can’t swallow it fast enough! In the mornings, there’s been so much I can only nurse him on one side per feeding. I’m even starting to store milk again! Tell me that’s not an answer to prayer! Thank you, God, for providing such wonderful herbs that do their job. BTW, Fenugreek pills worked waaay better than the massive amounts of Brewer’s Yeast I was taking. And way less work, too! I still mix my fruit smoothies with the stuff and I think it helps, but it wasn’t until I started taking the Fenugreek last week that things really kicked back into gear!

So there you have it. My baby-centered thoughts of the day 🙂


Did you know that every year there are “Peeps Diorama” contests around the nation? Check it out!

Mosaic Lofts

I feel as though I am fluctuating between two extremes when it comes to where we are going to live in 3 months (yes, not far off! Not much time to figure this out! aahhh!)

1. Find a cool, older, vintage home in East Dallas. There would have to be a yard, sizeable enough to garden and let Claire run around. The downside to this would be that anything in our price range would be small and outdated. The plus sides would be cool and unique built-ins, original hardwood floors, and close to a few of our friends.

2. Live in an awesome modern loft, situated in a re-purposed building in downtown Dallas. This is something that Jesse and I have ALWAYS wanted to do, from the second we moved to Dallas. There were a few lofts that we toured in downtown Las Colinas, but they were brand new (in other words, super pricey, built within the last year, but made to look like they were old and re purposed…just like destroyed Abercrombie jeans selling for $7o, there is something wrong with this!).

The downsides would be: no yard, no direct access garage or parking space (although they do have parking garages and elevators), and noise control (for G’s sleeping arrangements). A “soft loft”, however, would take care of the last concern, because they have walled off bedrooms and closets.

The pluses, however, are great. We would be close, even within 2 min. walking distance, from the Green Line Dart Rail which would take Jesse straight to work. I wouldn’t have to wake up in the morning and take him, in other words. Also, OPEN OPEN OPEN. When the dining room, living room and kitchen are all one big space, less square footage seems like more. I would really like a nice open area with minimal furniture so that G can run around while I get stuff done.

Two of our friends from church (they are expecting their third child in a few months) sold their home in the suburbs and moved to the Mosaic Lofts, and they LOVE LOVE it. She hands their dry cleaning to the concierge at the desk, and he has it taken care of, for minimal charge (residents get 10% off) and delivered back to their loft. There is a gym and a roof top pool. Underneath the lofts at street level are: a smoking lounge/cigar shop and a coffee shop, among other things.  Within walking distance: Dallas Farmer’s Market, the Central Library, and the Dallas Art Museum.

And the views…don’t even get me started…

Somebody took this picture, from their living room!

The gorgeous roof-deck pool

Even the smaller floorplans are cute

This floorplan is a little under 1000 sq ft and $1k/month. I'd use the walk in closet as a place for G to sleep, making part of the sunroom into a play area/garden. Notice the WALL OF WINDOWS along the living/sun rooms!!! What fun to have such views! Also, the living area is about twice as big as what we have now.

This one is too expensive, about $1300/month, but I had to post it because it's AWESOME! What a gigantic living area! The master bedroom has a wall of windows looking over downtown...magical!

Overlooks a big park

15 min walk from the GIGANTIC Dallas Farmer's Market!