Great and Holy Friday

As much as we wanted to, the Cone Family didn’t make it to as many Holy Week services as we would have liked. Any, in fact! G was crying and constipated for all of Monday and Tuesday (thank GOD for Prunes!), and Wednesday and Thursday were…emotionally rough. It’s been our worst Lent ever, spiritually, physically, emotionally, the whole gamut.

They always talk about the Parable of the Vineyard Workers, saying that even those who’ve come last to the table will receive the same as though who’ve been there all along. I definitely feel like the former. And I know that it isn’t “the same”, in a way. The Holy Week services aren’t an obligation, they are truly a joy, since they prepare me for what’s going to happen tonight!

But we did make it to my favorite service of Holy Week– the burial procession of Great and Holy Friday. We lit candles and processed around the outside of the church with the burial shroud of Jesus. After we were through, parishioners signed up to read Psalms all night over the tomb. In years past, Jesse and I have signed up for a slot or two, but for obvious reasons, had to forgo this year 🙂

The tomb

Best baby toy ever...made of FIRE. This is totally going under a "Baby's First Pascha" page in his baby book!


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