Lofts Update

I mentioned last week that we were toying with the idea of living in a loft. I wouldn’t have thought this was possible, with a baby and all, but our friends Josh and Heather are doing it with two kiddos and one on the way. She explained that they actually get outside to play more now than they did when they had a yard! Plus, she said, you don’t have to maintain it!

They live at the Mosaic lofts in Dallas. On a whim this last Sunday, Jesse and I went and did an official tour with the leasing office.

The things we loved: The views from the lofts were great! So cool to have the Solarium at the end of the living room– just a huge wall of windows overlooking downtown! The walk in closet in the Master was definitely big enough for a crib, changing table, and even a dresser– it was basically a small room. The kitchens were all granite countertops, side by side fridges. The living area felt soo much bigger than the square footage let on– so open!

The pool was crazy. Infinity edge means that when you’re looking at it, there doesn’t appear to be an edge….it just vanishes off the side of the building! Since we were on the 8th floor, it made me a little dizzy, honestly.  There was a huge rooftop entertaining area for kids to play on (a few were). A cigar lounge and arcade room seemed neat too. And a rooftop fire pit overlooking the Dallas skyline?? Awesome.

Here it is. See what I mean?? There is actually no way on earth for anyone to fall off. Plus, there are two levels of overflow, a few feet underneath. Sorry to ruin the "danger" element...

The downtown area was honestly the biggest plus-factor for us. 2 huge parks within walking distance, dozens of cool Italian restaurants. The Mosaic even had a “dangerously” good taco diner open until 3am on the first floor. Across the street was the DART rail station, so we wouldn’t need a car to go many places in Dallas. And the huge Farmer’s Market was just a 10 min. walk away!

The things we didn’t love: The parking situation. The Mosaic lofts charge an extra $50 for parking a car in their attached parking garage. Even when we went to tour the apartments, we had to valet park at the front door (but we didn’t have to pay). Guests would have to fork over $5 to park every time they came to see us– not helpful, considering I have 2 families from church who would be coming to me for piano lessons. The only way around this would be if I went downstairs and met them at the curb with a free guest pass. There is also a car lot across the street that would be free parking, but a bit of a walk at night time.

The apartments themselves felt…too new. Seems like a weird complaint, but I like quirky. It’s one of the reasons why I can’t stand the thought of living in a cookie cutter, right off the assembly line house  (which makes up 95% of Dallas suburbia).

We also probably wouldn’t use all the amenities we’d be paying for. A free tanning bed? No thanks, I’m a white-as-they-come-Caucasian!

We have another place, right around the corner that we tried to visit on Sunday but ran out of time. Jesse likes these a whole lot better. Let me know what you think!

They’re called “The Wilson” lofts.

The building is super old, even making the National Register of Historic Places

Their floorplans are very unique– over a 100 to choose from! All have wood floors and the original architectural details. If you knew me, you’d know how much this speaks to me!!

One of the floorplans in our price range. Look at those windows!!! You can also see the sliding fav feature!

One of the interior photos from their website

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