It’s 9pm. We have already tried putting G to sleep for the evening. Twice.

He has been telling us, through many screams and squawks, that he is not ready to “go gently into that good night”.

Instead of putting him in his exersaucer, we figured his Papasan chair would be less stimulating. Maybe he can wind down and get sleepy there, we thought.

As you can see from this sequence, we were wrong.

Bored? No, I have my feet!

mmmm, toes!

"you should try this sometime!"

Continuing his fascination with feet, he found a way to stick them in this thing. Clever boy.

See that computer cord to the left? A few minutes later, he yanked it, nearly sending the laptop crashing onto him. Jesse’s quick reflexes saved us an ER trip…

Um, apparently we cant leave him alone in this any longer

He lost the other leg in nam. Apparently, hes also a fan of cottage cheese, if you get my meaning.

whew! getting tired!

kisses from daddy!!

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