Next week is National Screen-Free Week. Apparently, the average preschooler spends 32 hours/week watching TV. Older kids, even more. Add in cell phones and computers…let’s just say, I don’t know what MY life would look like without my MAC…

Jesse and I have discussed many times how unlike the average American family we are. People are always shocked to find out that we don’t play computer games and don’t have a “gaming console” of any type. They ask his opinion about something that occurred on SportsCenter, and then are shocked to find out that we don’t have cable or satellite and never have. Our midwife was surprised that we didn’t have an Ipod for a birth playlist, just our phone.

Last week, one of my 7 year old students told me in a very serious tone of voice that he had given up ice-cream for Lent. Then, he went on to say that his friend was fasting from Wii for Lent.

“Really?”I said. “I fast from Wii too.”

He nodded, then stopped and thought about it.

“Ms. Kelly, do you even have a Wii?”

“Nope” I said. “So I’m fasting from it all the time!” Then I added, “I also fast from my Ipod”.

“Because you don’t HAVE one, right?”


But we do watch a lot of Netflix, especially now that they went and added most of the old James Bond movies! I’ve been asking Jesse for a while if we could go “Screen/Media-Free” for an evening, so this next week might be a good time to do so. Plus, it’s Holy Week, and so there are important services every night. While it will be difficult with a baby in tow (keeping him out that late makes for a very rough evening!), I’m afraid we might have to put that excuse aside for the time being and just tough it out.

Because if there was ever a week to make the extra sacrifice from our routines…I know that I’d have a hard time explaining to the Lord why I didn’t want to wreck my schedule when He, you know, DIED for me.


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