I can’t even begin to pretend that this post will be centered around anything other than “baby”. G is my life, and while I love that, it does mean that most of my thoughts/activities will be centered around him.

1. We had THE BIGGEST-TO-DATE poop explosion yesterday. Make that two of them– one with Jesse, one with me. He hadn’t pooped since Sunday morning, so I fed him prunes for breakfast yesterday, knowing what would eventually happen….good grief. Good good grief. I was using a disposable, since a) I was about to specially launder our cloth dipes and b)because we were at piano lessons. That poor disposable Winnie the Pooh diaper never stood a chance– like a plastic cup trying to contain a Tsunami wave. This was half solid, half runny…it looked like an entire can of Lentil Soup, splashed all over the carseat and 3 layers of clothing.


Initially, it took me a while to stop hyperventilating once I saw the “damage”. I kept thinking, “BE THE PARENT, BE THE PARENT”, because all I wanted to do was go vomit and let someone else clean it up! It took 20 minutes for my piano student and I to conquer the mess (this time it was a girl, and she was the biggest help ever!!!).

As a result, we will not be using disposable dipes, even for outings. They just DO NOT WORK. Can I repeat that, for those of you who are about to be moms? THEY DO NOT WORK. If you want to use them, just make sure to pack a few extra sets of clothing. And plan on needing them.

Instead, I just invested in a few more diaper covers, the kind with double gussets. I’ve found they work best, probably because G doesn’t have chunky thighs. I would rather deal with cloth diapers/wet bags on the road than have to sponge bath my kid every time he has to poop, thank you very much!

2. I’m “stripping” our diapers right now. I let them soak overnight in baking soda, laundered them with my Rockin Green detergent, then rinsed them in Vinegar. Hopefully, this will cure the ammonia build-up, which was starting to smell and give G diaper rash.

3. NO FORMULA IN OVER A WEEK! G definitely has been getting enough milk from nursing, to the point where he’s been gagging at times because he can’t swallow it fast enough! In the mornings, there’s been so much I can only nurse him on one side per feeding. I’m even starting to store milk again! Tell me that’s not an answer to prayer! Thank you, God, for providing such wonderful herbs that do their job. BTW, Fenugreek pills worked waaay better than the massive amounts of Brewer’s Yeast I was taking. And way less work, too! I still mix my fruit smoothies with the stuff and I think it helps, but it wasn’t until I started taking the Fenugreek last week that things really kicked back into gear!

So there you have it. My baby-centered thoughts of the day 🙂


7 thoughts on “Baby-Centered

  1. Ok, so I have to respectfully disagree on the disposable diapers, and I only say this because we have been using disposables for the past 2 years, so I have a lot of experience with them!

    (I totally would have done cloth, but for a lot of reasons it just didn’t work for us with this baby. Maybe next time!)

    If you ever find yourself stuck somewhere and in need of using a disposable, a few pointers:

    – If your baby has a blowout, it means the diaper is too small and you need to go up a size. That’s why the weight categories overlap for the different sizes.

    – There really is a difference in quality when you use the name brand diapers. I clip coupons and stock up at sales so that we can use Huggies Little Movers, which are the best. If you want to go green, the Huggies Pure and Natural (I think that’s what they are called) are even better, though more expensive. I always use a $3 coupon and buy them on sale at Target, so they are not too terribly expensive (we spend about $35 a month on diapers).

    – Different brands of diapers fit different babies better. I think Pampers fit James the best, but some people love Huggies or the other brands. A lot of people say that the Target brand diapers are just like Huggies, but I don’t like them as much. They are much less absorbant, and I have to use more of them. We have less leaks and accidents with Huggies, but maybe that’s just because James has the fattest thighs EVER!

    Hope that helps!

  2. Actually, it was Huggies Pure and Natural that we were using when this happened! I know better than to take a chance w generic. We’ve tried sizes 1 and 2 and had problems w both, so not sure what to try if we ever need them! When we were home for Christmas, my mom bought Pampers Swaddlers, and we had quite a few blowouts too.

    So, for now, I’m stickin w cloth!! So far, I’ve spent 80 for the last 6 months, not including the 3 diaper covers I bought yesterday. I couldve done it more cost effective by buying one-size covers, but I don’t really want to take the chance of them being less trim and fitted. Courtney spent around 120 total for 2 boys! Hopefully, you’ll get to use cloth of the next kid, if you’re trying to save money. Environmentally, in CA its not totally responsible…what with the water shortages?

  3. fun fact: CA water shortage is officially over (announced like a week or so ago)! =) So yeah…we get to use all the water we want now…until the next drought of course. . . 😉

  4. We actually did invest in some G-diapers, and it was a TOTAL disaster. I think we used them for two days and that was it. He seriously blew out or soaked through every single time, and after the end of two days he had such a bad diaper rash he was bleeding (and I was using the really thick cloth inserts, not just those silly little paper things!) So… after investing like, $150 in that and having it fail so miserably, we went back to the disposables.

    I REALLY wanted to cloth diaper before he was born, but when he came early and we all had so many problems (and you know, PPD and all that) it was just too much to get going, and we just kept putting it off until the G-diaper disaster. Maybe with the next baby we will figure the whole cloth diapering thing out.

  5. Well… I’m pretty sure that disposables are MUCH less environmentally friendly. I think I read it takes 1000 years for a disposable diaper to degrade completely, and the average baby goes through 10,000 diapers before potty training. A very depressing thought, if you ask me.

  6. Becks,

    It’s true. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about G diapers. We have 2, and they leaked every single time as well! Same with fuzzibunz. I think the G diaper idea of being able to flush the insert is nice, but a diaper’s main function is to contain the mess, not be easy to throw away. Even toilet paper is “flushable” 🙂

    If you do try again, prefolds are the way to go! You’d think more $ would buy better, but it’s not true– prefolds are the cheapest by far, and work the best.

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