Mosaic Lofts

I feel as though I am fluctuating between two extremes when it comes to where we are going to live in 3 months (yes, not far off! Not much time to figure this out! aahhh!)

1. Find a cool, older, vintage home in East Dallas. There would have to be a yard, sizeable enough to garden and let Claire run around. The downside to this would be that anything in our price range would be small and outdated. The plus sides would be cool and unique built-ins, original hardwood floors, and close to a few of our friends.

2. Live in an awesome modern loft, situated in a re-purposed building in downtown Dallas. This is something that Jesse and I have ALWAYS wanted to do, from the second we moved to Dallas. There were a few lofts that we toured in downtown Las Colinas, but they were brand new (in other words, super pricey, built within the last year, but made to look like they were old and re purposed…just like destroyed Abercrombie jeans selling for $7o, there is something wrong with this!).

The downsides would be: no yard, no direct access garage or parking space (although they do have parking garages and elevators), and noise control (for G’s sleeping arrangements). A “soft loft”, however, would take care of the last concern, because they have walled off bedrooms and closets.

The pluses, however, are great. We would be close, even within 2 min. walking distance, from the Green Line Dart Rail which would take Jesse straight to work. I wouldn’t have to wake up in the morning and take him, in other words. Also, OPEN OPEN OPEN. When the dining room, living room and kitchen are all one big space, less square footage seems like more. I would really like a nice open area with minimal furniture so that G can run around while I get stuff done.

Two of our friends from church (they are expecting their third child in a few months) sold their home in the suburbs and moved to the Mosaic Lofts, and they LOVE LOVE it. She hands their dry cleaning to the concierge at the desk, and he has it taken care of, for minimal charge (residents get 10% off) and delivered back to their loft. There is a gym and a roof top pool. Underneath the lofts at street level are: a smoking lounge/cigar shop and a coffee shop, among other things.  Within walking distance: Dallas Farmer’s Market, the Central Library, and the Dallas Art Museum.

And the views…don’t even get me started…

Somebody took this picture, from their living room!

The gorgeous roof-deck pool

Even the smaller floorplans are cute

This floorplan is a little under 1000 sq ft and $1k/month. I'd use the walk in closet as a place for G to sleep, making part of the sunroom into a play area/garden. Notice the WALL OF WINDOWS along the living/sun rooms!!! What fun to have such views! Also, the living area is about twice as big as what we have now.

This one is too expensive, about $1300/month, but I had to post it because it's AWESOME! What a gigantic living area! The master bedroom has a wall of windows looking over downtown...magical!

Overlooks a big park

15 min walk from the GIGANTIC Dallas Farmer's Market!


One thought on “Mosaic Lofts

  1. Both seem like great options – I don’t know how you can decide! That said… right now with an almost two-year-old boy, I would KILL for a fenced in backyard with some grass! Just saying 🙂

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