I think that G’s getting enough food. At least, his diapers seem to say so. He’s pooped 8 times in the past 2 days!!

I know. Just when you thought this blog couldn’t get any more “baby-centric”, I start talking about poop.

The text from Jesse on Monday night while he was babysitting was two words– “Poop Volcano”. Later, he described it as a “Poop Grenade”, complete with shrapnel everywhere.

Oh, those of you without children, gird your loins! Breastfed poo is disgusting in it’s own right (mucous-y and smells like rotting mayonnaise), but when you add solid foods? It’s MASSIVE. And gets EVERYWHERE.

Take, for example, yesterday. G accompanied me to a lesson, and all of a sudden, I heard him grunting. I looked down, and he had poop, IN HIS HAND. The poor diaper cover never stood a chance. Similar to how someone is just GOING TO GET WET when they have a giant water balloon launched at their face. It had leaked out the leg hole, and since he was in his carseat, hands at his side….let’s just say, even my 10 year old MALE piano student, who has farted in my presence during our lessons (and laughed while doing it!), was holding his nose and watching from a safe distance while I cleaned up the giant mess.

So far, G has YET to refuse any sort of food. He now eats: bananas, sweet potatoes, prunes and avocado! Not to mention his brown rice cereal. They say that feeding them carbs can make them obese later in life– I say, bring it on!


3 thoughts on “Gross

  1. Hah, yes that was gross. And I even have a baby:)

    You’re using prefolds right? Are you trifolding them, or using a snappi? If you’re pinning or using a snappi, what kind of fold are you doing? We have literally never had a blowout (or poo-splosion as I like to call them) in cloth diapers. What kind of covers are you using?

  2. steph, I’m using prefolds and a snappi. It’s the bottom of the leg holes that leak every now and then. I think it’s because his thighs are so lean, it’s hard getting the cover to fit properly w/out leaving red marks. I have bummis, thirsties and tweedlebugs covers. Any other recommendations? I need to buy the next size up soon (Lord willing!), so I could try some new ones out.

  3. It’s probably your fold. It can take some adjusting to get it really tight. If he has skinny thighs, then maybe a jelly roll fold? You can google different tutorials, or here are some pics:

    Also you can use 2 snappis, one higher to keep the top closed, then one a little lower to keep the thighs snugger. I do the angel wing fold, then kind of jelly roll it after I’ve snappi’d it. I think for skinnier thighs, covers with the velcro are probably better cause you can get a more custom fit. Or, something with a double row of snaps like the flip (that’s actually my favorite cover:)

    I do put on the cover tight enough where there are some red marks (I don’t know about you, but my underwear can give me red marks too). As long as it doesn’t seem like he’s uncomfortable.

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