New Things

Just a quick fun post (haven’t been enough of those lately!). I’m exhausted from singing through practice, Vespers and Vigil (running down from the Kliros in between to nurse Gregory since the whole thing lasted 3 hours!). Afterwards, we went over to the Gaspards to meet the new baby, accompanied by the Folsoms. The boys (Jesse, Clay and Ron) all did their draft picks for their Fantasy Baseball league while Jason and Michael cheered them on. In the meantime, Jenny, Katie and I drank tea and chatted. So much fun, but it’s midnight, and we JUST got back!

G's new cloth swim diaper. How cute is this??

I found this GREAT GREAT steal on a barely used Ergo carrier from Craigslist. I've been wanting/needing one for a while now. After 2+ hours every Sunday holding G in our sling, my back definitely starts to hurt. Hopefully this will help! And there's Pascha to think of! We considered a Bjorn, but I've read too much about spinal/back/pelvic issues resulting from a baby being suspended by nothing but their crotch.

One thought on “New Things

  1. We have an ergo and we love it! I carried Jackson around the San Diego Zoo for hours on end and we were both entirely comfortable. After Christmas this year I took Avery shopping in the heart to heart insert too. We’re big fans. Enjoy yours!

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