Milk and Food

Definitely still trying to eat enough calories and Brewer’s Yeast…I just made a huge smoothie, complete with organic bananas and strawberries, Stonyfield Farms WHOLE milk yogurt (230 calories/cup!), agave nectar, and, of course, the nasty brown yeast stuff. Yesterday, I had a value bacon cheeseburger meal from Wendy’s, along with an enormous amount of take-out from our Thai restaurant down the street. Trust me when I say this– I am TRYING to eat enough. My mom told me on the phone yesterday, “You may be the first Honeycutt to ever be told to eat more!”

I’ve also been drinking like a race horse, which, inevitably, leads to PEEING like a race horse. Every two hours, to be exact. Lots of tea and water. One mom even gave me some Pedialyte during piano lessons yesterday.

But I’m still not sure if there’s enough milk coming in. Of course, my doubts and fears seem to be sitting right on my shoulder, interpreting every cry from G as starvation. The jury is still out…I’m gonna give this a week, and if I’m not POSITIVE he’s getting enough nutrition to gain weight, we are going to research formula supplementation options, my personal preferences aside. He’s been sleeping well though, at least a 6-7 hr. stretch at night (don’t worry, I pumped in between!) and 2-3 naps during the day. So, if anything, his belly is full enough to sleep well.

So far, we’ve tried Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, and a tiny bit of rice cereal that was incredibly watered down with breastmilk. He likes all of it. He helps me put the spoon in his mouth. It’s messy and getting everywhere (found some orange up his nose today!) but it’s getting in there. And no “icky” poo…yet…

Please pray for us, that all of this gets resolved quickly. I have been telling G, whispering in his ear over and over again for the past couple of days, that he is PERFECT and that Mommy and Daddy love him just the way he is. I know that he has to be picking up on some of the fear and negative energy surrounding this whole eating process, and I don’t want that. Deep down, I want him to feel completely secure in who he is, because even if there is someone to blame for his low weight, it’s me, not him.



3 thoughts on “Milk and Food

  1. I’m not sure what your take is on this or if you know anyone capable; but, I have two people lined up over here to get breastmilk from if I can’t produce enough. They both produce way too much and have to pump most out so they don’t choke their babies and usually donate to the hospital (get blood tests every couple of weeks) but; if I can’t get enough out, I’ll just take the milk instead. *shrug* Just a thought if you want to stay with breastmilk for a while longer and trust anyone else to use theirs on a regular basis. There’s lots of new babies in your parish, perhaps extra milk too?

    Also, not sure if I’ve mentioned this recently but I miss all of you. =) <>

  2. Chelsea,

    Courtney has fed G, on a few occasions, since she’s always had a lot. Lately, though, she said that she could probably use the Brewer’s Yeast because hers is decreasing as well. It’s a 6 month-thing.

    And I have to be careful too, because our lactation consultant told us that milk produced by a mother’s body for a 9 month old will not be the same in nutrients as for a newborn. Case in point, a formula fed baby needs more and more ounces the older they get– a breastfed baby still only needs between 3-5, because the milk changes to meet the different needs for the different ages. Courtney’s works because G and Jonathan are just 3 weeks apart. I don’t know anyone else within 1-2 months of G 🙂

  3. Btw, milk from a donor is still better than formula, it’s just not as good as the mom providing it 🙂 Just fyi. I think that milk banks and wet nurses are a great idea, especially for moms who have medications that won’t allow them to breastfeed.

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