I finally found G an exersaucer from Craigslist. This thing is PRISTINE (never been used) and rotates on wheels around the base. All for $30! Here’s the actual Amazon listing for it.

You can't see the giant puff tree off to the left, but on the front side it has numbers and letters that play music. On the back side, it's a family tree, with 3 slots for pictures. You pull the top leaf, and it says, "Daddy" in a man's voice. The next leaf down says, "Mommy" in a comforting woman's voice. The bottom leaf, you guessed it, says, "baBY!" in a high pitched squeaky voice. G loves it. His daddy does NOT.

To top it off, due to a mixup (where Jesse showed up last night and they had forgotten), they gave us a plastic play-guitar that plays music when you hit certain buttons. Jesse was torn– break his committment not to let battery operated noise making toys into our home? Or hurt the lady’s feelings?

Anyone want a plastic guitar?


2 thoughts on “Exersaucer!

  1. I’m not sure how dedicated you are to keeping those items “out of your home.” But if you’re just determined to avoid annoying noises and items that don’t require your son to use his imagination (we’re with you there!) then you can always remove batteries. Just turning them off doesn’t really work… Jackson figured out how to turn them back on. 🙂

    At Jackson’s first birthday party he was given two cat dump trucks. One is just the classic, cheap one that does nothing. The other vibrates and plays loud “rock” music and the construction worker talks. It’s so annoying. He whole-heartedly prefers the cheap one – as do we. He was also given a talking Winnie the Pooh ride on train that day. The batteries were out that night!

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